Introducing Connecticut’s


For Health & Wellness Professionals

“We all want to know where our place is in the universe. That place exists and is uniquely ours. Let intuition and desire be the roadmap.”

– Deepak Chopra

Dear Health, Wellness and Lifestyle Coaches,

In speaking with so many of you, I’m amazed and inspired by your passion, creativity and dedication.

Yet, I hear and feel your frustration, confusion and struggle.

Too often, Coaches make valiant, but faltering attempts to launch and sustain financially successful businesses that align with our purpose and the lifestyle we embrace.

I recognize that many have lost or do not see their own unique light, sometimes replaced with a sense of insecurity or defeat.

We’ve been doing it alone ~

Feeling isolated, overwhelmed, and frustrated

Dealing with the mountain of endless business tasks

Frantically juggling life’s responsibilities

All while trying to meet the self-care needs we seek to model for others

We’re all re-inventing the wheel by ourselves, feeling like we’re moving fast and getting nowhere!

It breaks my heart when talented coaches flounder needlessly or worse, abandon their calling and dreams altogether.

This painful cycle must end! 

The world urgently needs the work of Wellness Coaches to meet the increasingly dire global health crisis.

The field of possibilities to share our message is endless, especially at this point in history when Health Coaching is gaining recognition!

The time to unite is now.  We are stronger together! 

When we join forces, we empower ourselves and each other.

Through encouragement and support, we rise to higher levels of accomplishment to ultimately serve more people.

Today, I’m sharing my ideas for creating Connecticut’s Health Coach Community (HCC) and am asking you to join me!

Together, we will tackle what’s holding us back to elevate each other in moving forward.

I’m very excited to reveal the vision, goals and FUN activities for the next level of Wellness Coaching in Connecticut!

Read on for a few details.


“ I can only imagine how much work goes
into what you are providing through this community and I felt you deserved to know how much I as I am sure others appreciate what you are doing for health coaches. It is wonderful to have a supportive place to belong and grow.”

– Rebecca S., Health Coach


SIGN UP to be part of Connecticut’s HEALTH COACH COMMUNITY!  Don’t miss out on any of our exciting and fun plans!

  • Join the CT HEALTH COACH DIRECTORY, complimentary for Certified Wellness Coaches. The Directory will be featured on CT HEALTH COACHES public website!
  • Get ADVANCE NOTICE and the chance to participate in UNIQUE OPPORTUNITIES just for Connecticut HCC members.
  • HAVE A SAY in how HCC’s future direction and activities progress by sharing your insights.
  • STAY UP-TO-DATE – receive information on what’s happening with HCC’s progress.



ARE GETTING AN UPDATE! We will begin a campaign this summer to increase education about wellness coaching to the general public. The Directory and Events Calendar will be a few of the features on the website.


for Directory members to promote your business activities, which will be featured on CT HEALTH COACHES public website.


More details coming this spring/summer

A Note From Kris

I’m delighted to invite you to be a part of our community!

Thanks for taking your valuable time to check out HCC!  I’m so looking forward to connecting and getting to know you!

The framework I shared is just the beginning ~ an organized step toward bringing us closer together.

As we move forward, our Connecticut group will grow collaboratively to effectively help Health Coaches succeed!

Kris Francefort
Certified Holistic Health Coach

Health Coach Community ~ Leader, Organizer, Connector

p.s. ~ BIG THANKS to my fellow Health Coaches who have been helping guide the process of bringing HCC to life!  Ali Johnson, Web & Graphics Guru; Stephanie Clark, Peer Coach Extraordinaire; Janice Miles, Jyoti Nebhnani, Karen Johnson and Linda Atkinson, members of my Mastermind Group; Robin Arutt, Amazing Mentor; and all of the CT Health Coaches I’ve been lucky enough to meet in person or by phone over the past 4 years!

p.p.s. ~ You might want to know who I am and why I’m sparking Health Coach Community!  Here’s a snapshot:

  • I’m passionate about building a strong, supportive, communal environment with like-minded people through collective teamwork. I strongly believe that when we combine our efforts with focused intention, we become more than the sum of our parts.
  • I’m a born organizer, connector, creative-thinker, leader, and teacher (yup, I’m a Virgo!).
  • Through my leadership roles in Corporate (Waldenbooks), Nonprofit (Norwalk Education Foundation), Volunteering (Schools; District Wellness Committee) and Health Coaching (Whole Foods Market) I learned how to inspire and motivate people with enthusiasm around a common cause.
  • I love spending time and working with Health Coaches! Our collaborations create an amazing energy exchange that resonates deeply with my spirit.
  • My daily mantra is “One thing at a time and everything in its time.” with a lot of deep breathing and meditation.